Cygnus Enterprises, developed by Team Miaozi (a Chinese subsidiary of NetEase Games), was released on Steam’s early access platform.

Cygnus Enterprises was released on Steam’s early access platform. The game is available in only 2 languages – English and Chinese. In this article, after studying all the main features, we will get acquainted with the game in detail and draw a number of conclusions. It is worth noting that the game is only available in two languages.

The player takes on the role of a contractor for the ambitious Cygnus Enterprises. Using a simple editor to create a character and immediately go to perform the first task of restoring structures on the remote planet Mytilus. The plot takes us to a standard future where humanity has learned to build interstellar spacecraft and has decided to colonize other planets.

Once in orbit, the player’s ship is in a state of disaster, and you and a personal assistant in the form of a small flying drone are on the surface, next to a rescue pod. At the time of writing, I was able to go through the entire story of the Early Access version in about 10 hours, which is more or less up to you.

The gameplay of Cygnus Enterprises is built on the scheme of such projects as Alien Shooter and The Ascent. That is, the player looks at his character from above (isometry) and uses WASD buttons to move. Additional mechanics include active abilities and a burst, the latter being used primarily to evade attacks.

As for the actual battles, the only way to eliminate various forms of unfriendly alien life at the time of writing is with conventional and futuristic remote weapons, abilities.

The game world is made up of a type of individual locations, not directly related to each other due to a non-standard general concept. After entering and unlocking the world map, the player will see five regions, of which only one is available at first. The rest will gradually open one after another as the plot progresses.

Regions contain story-driven and random tasks, which the character runs to a specific location. You can’t move freely around the world, only between the base and the mission locations. Also on the map of regions appear random text items where you have to choose one of several options, and boxes with prizes.

After completing or failing the task, completing the event, receiving the reward from the chest, the game day ends, which leads to the updating of the world map and summing up the day. It’s important to note that there are a few more game mechanics involved in the day shift system.

The basic meaning of all random tasks is to perform one or more tasks and then evacuate at the exit point. If you look at story missions in terms of the core content of the game, then random ones can be called additional. In practice they are much more important because they form advanced resources.

Conditionally, all tasks can be divided into 5 types:.

If you wish, you can explore the location as you complete the tasks, periodically stumbling upon buried random items and chests with random rewards. Although at one point in the game’s development, I was forced to complete missions for buried items and chests to find resources for the craft.

Since some useful systems in Cygnus Enterprises are tied to the player base, between missions you will have to develop it, gradually opening access to the following facilities:.

To build them, you need to craft advanced resources by collecting various common resources in the tasks and on the base map itself. In the latter case, collecting each node consumes endurance, which is restored only after the day is over, and the available stock increases as the plot progresses.

And the craft of resources, equipment, food, other things, production, energy consumption and exploration are also tied to the process of changing days. So depending on the performance of the facility, it could take anywhere from one to several days to craft item X.

In summing up the day, each completed production, craft, and enhanced level of martial/craft skill brings experience points necessary to raise the level of the character. With each new level, the character gains attributes and skill points that can be spent on upgrades in the skill tree.

This RPG element in Cygnus Enterprises is made according to a fairly standard scheme: the items have a level, a requirement for the level of a certain attribute, a GS indicator that increases the total GS indicator (based on which the complexity of the tasks is determined), a grade and various properties (the higher the grade, the more they are).

Equipment includes:.

New gear can be obtained in the following ways: as a reward for story assignments, as a random reward from random assignment chests, scrapped, or simply purchased from the NPC.

In the end, the article was left to mention various problems, at least I can highlight the following:.

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