First content update of the PC version of the multiplayer shooter War Robots: Frontiers was released.

As part of the closed beta test, the first content update of the PC version of the multiplayer shooter War Robots: Frontiers was released, including new robots, weapons, abilities and other gameplay improvements. The development team is sticking to the roadmap announced at the start of the project.

Along with the content update, the game features 2 new robots, 3 weapon systems, and 2 ability modules. Using the extensive customization options, players can create a robot of their own choosing.

Two sets of parts for the Griffin and Typhon robots brought tactical variety to the game. Griffin uses optical noise to attack enemy navigation systems, making it difficult to target him and nearby allies. The Typhon can attack up to three enemy vehicles simultaneously with self-guided missiles.

Added high-tech weapon systems, Halo, Pulsar and Gozer, have pushed the boundaries of combat capability. The Halo is great for close-range combat, and the Pulsar is an energy weapon for medium-range, while the Gozer’s strength depends on the number of units mounted on the fur, also making the model a good sniper mount.

New ability modules expand tactical capabilities by adding a smoke screen and a shell-blocking field to the game. The update also makes changes to the training mode and user interface.

This is the first of a series of major updates planned for the closed beta period. Developers will introduce new robots, weapons, abilities, maps, and game modes. Further development, improvements to the graphics and the appearance of the new map are planned in the first half of 2023.

Sales of the Pioneer kits will continue until the start of the open beta, with which War Robots: Frontiers will move to a free distribution model on PC and consoles.