Difmark’s P2P platform has some great deals on a variety of projects.

For those who are actively playing online microtransaction games, it is always important to find the most profitable way to buy in-game currency. Difmark’s P2P platform has some great deals on a variety of projects. As a bonus, all users can receive a discount, which is activated by a special promo code.

Here are some of the available types of currencies that can be purchased on the site:.

Now, how to get the order right. First you need to choose the game server (there are different options in the list). Next, we need to decide on a seller. The site will show you different price offers. After that, you need to indicate the amount of currency you are buying.

Once you’ve added the item to your cart, you can proceed to ordering. The service may require a game character’s nickname (if it’s a game in which that’s relevant). It is important to enter the name correctly and then click on the “Go to payment” button.

Then you need to choose the payment method and enter the promo code VGTimes in the box Discount code. After that, all items in your cart will be 10% off.

If you have any questions during the ordering process, you can contact the seller via a virtual chat. You can also see other customers’ reviews.

Difmark’s P2P platform now offers other products, including console and Steam games, pre-orders, services and programs, replenishment cards, DLC, game accounts and more.

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