The film follows Nurse Jess, played by Michelle Monahan.

Vertical Entertainment has released a trailer for Blood, a horror film directed by Brad Anderson (The Ninth Session) and written by Will Honley.

The film follows Nurse Jess, played by Michelle Monahan (“True Detective”, “Pixels”), who moves with her daughter Tyler and son Owen back to their old farmhouse.

Shortly after their arrival, their dog runs off into the woods and returns a few days later, attacking their son, infecting him with a mysterious disease through a bite that causes him to crave blood, which his mother Jess must feed. But how far would she go to save her child’s life?

The film also starred Skeet Ulrich as Jess’s ex-husband, Skylar Morgan Jones as her daughter Tyler, and Finley Voytak-Hissong as her son Owen. The film was directed by David S. Goyer, and stars Wilde, Rodrigo Baelfuss and Eric Atavale.

The film is scheduled to premiere in theaters on January 27, and will be released on digital online platforms on January 31, 2023.