2022 was a breakthrough year for Vampire Survivors, and its creator Luca Galante and the poncle team.

2022 was a breakthrough year for Vampire Survivors, and its creator Luca Galante and the poncle team. The game has earned recognition from both gamers and critics. The developers summed up their year, and also shared their plans for the future.

Galante admitted that he was very happy to see Vampire Survivors in many of the year’s best games lists. The action-thriller also won a Golden Joystick Award in the Breakthrough of the Year category.

The game’s author recalled looking for a business partner to port Vampire Survivors to phones. He held many meetings, but none of his potential colleagues could come up with a non-robbery monetization model. A few months after the release of VS, mobile platforms were flooded with Rogal clones with stolen code, assets and the progression system. Due to the rush in production, the game lacks some features, including the addition of Legacy of the Moonspell. The company is currently looking for a way to implement the DLC in a way that doesn’t scare away the “frittuplayers” but also doesn’t lose potential revenue.

Vampire Survivors is built in JavaScript, and poncle is working on porting the game to a different engine for PC. Its first version was ten times more powerful, but the game physics behaved too realistically and differed from the more arcade-like original. The modified project will also need to be optimized for the Steam Deck. The console and mobile versions of VS have already been moved to the new rails.

Vampire Survivors will receive several expansions. The developer also assured that updates for the base game will continue to be released, and key mechanics will not be closed behind the paywall. However, fresh content and patches will not appear as often as they did in 2022, due to studio busyness.

At the end of the message, Galante reported that at least one more project was being prepared within the walls of the poncle. It is unrelated to Vampire Survivors and will be released on Steam’s public beta soon.

Vampire Survivors left early access in October 2022, signed up for Xbox in November, and made its way to mobile in December. The sticky game made it to the list of most popular Steam Deck entertainment for 2022.

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