The burned corpse from Half-Life 2 is real.

18 years after the release of Half-Life 2, “careful” players have discovered that the famous burned corpse from the game, which is found many times during the adventures of Gordon Freeman, is real. Valve took an image from a medical textbook and adapted it to fit the model.

The video of this has had almost 500,000 views in the last few days. The image itself from the medical textbook is on social media, and we won’t post it for ethical reasons.

This fact was so shocking to some of the shooter’s fans that a modification was released instantly that replaces the corpse with an enthusiast-created model.

In the comments, players argue that some “lucky guy” managed to become immortal through the game, while others believe that it is a real curse.

To date, Half-Life 2 is only available on the PC.

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