Epic Games is ending support for 17 legacy games.

Starting today, <b>Epic Games</b> will begin shutting down online services for its legacy games. The list includes 17 projects, including <b>Unreal Tournament 3</b>, but the games Steam page has been updated with an X in the title and a promise to make the project completely free.

The updated shooter will support cross-play between all services on the PC. There will be no microtransactions or any form of monetization. The game will also feature a story campaign.

Epic Games has not commented on the PC Gamer. The project’s release date is unknown.

The company is ending support for the games, as it has decided to focus on projects that have modern features like voice chat, friend list and the like. After January 24, 2023, most games will still have the ability to play in local multiplayer or single player mode. Full list of games:.

These games no longer allow in-game purchases, and will soon be removed from digital sales. Also removed from stores are the Mac and Linux versions of Hatoful Boyfriend and Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star, and DropMix for mobile devices game owners will be able to continue playing them.

Battle Breakers will be unavailable on December 30: Epic will refund in-game purchases made through their payment service in the last 180 days. The alpha version of the first Unreal Tournament, Rock Band Blitz, the Rock Band companion app and SingSpace will stop working on January 24.

Also in January, some Electronic Arts games will be without network functions. The company explained that such solutions are not easy to come by, but supporting projects “will not be appropriate”.

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