The U.S. Space Force plans to test a rapid launch system.

The prospect of losing critical satellites during the war prompted a new experiment by the U.S. Space Force. As part of the test, the partners will be required to prepare and launch the satellite within 24 hours of the command.

Such a practical capability is of high value from a tactical point of view, for example, if the enemy shoots down one or more military satellites. The first tests of rapid launch began last year, but then used a plane, this time it is planned to use a missile.

The assembly of a satellite is the most complex and time-consuming. It usually takes years between ordering a satellite and its delivery. Under the new initiative, Millennium Space will be required to deliver a modified satellite within 8 months.

After that, the satellite will be delivered and placed on a rocket and sent into a low orbit. Delivery should take no more than 24 hours after the countdown begins.

The rocket will be tested by Firefly, a Texas-based company, in 2023. After this test, the Space Force plans to further develop the tactical response program by inviting new satellite manufacturers and companies to launch.