In the second part of the Norse saga, the trophy set will be very similar to the 2018 reboot.

My friends, this is the final edition of the trophy digest… for the year. The next installment in this series will be published in 2023. Enjoy your reading and see you in the new year!

The game’s 200th platinum anniversary is in this game, and globally, it’s not much different than the 2018 reboot. For example, in the new game, there is no prize for all the crows Odin has captured, although they still have to be collected. I hope you’re not too tired of God of War: Ragnarok. The point is that the Collector trophy involves collecting all the relics. One of them is mistaken for a bird.

And that includes trophies for doing side jobs, because nobody ever says, “Do what Animal Instinct asks you to do”. Instead, we see “Slap Specky and Swan”. Who is it? How to stroke them. Given the fact that the platinum doesn’t have all the side jobs, you have to tap like a blind kitten.

In 2018, the Valkyrie were able to break Kratos at even the most basic level of difficulty. Here, if you don’t neglect the equipment, the soldiers are going to Valhalla quite quickly. The alternative to the valkyries in the new part were the mighty Berserk. The same goes for the king. I’d like a little more serious challenge.

The most basic armor, it seemed to me, at level nine, gave the biggest bonuses to characteristics. The developers thought it would be a good idea to add information about what bonuses the equipment will receive in each level. It’s fashionable to decide in advance whether or not to spend resources on this armor. Other armor sometimes gives a bigger bonus, but for a smaller number of parameters.

There’s no trophy for passing the game at a certain level of difficulty. I understand the developers don’t want to scare players away with the complex platinum. Alternatively, you could make the maximum (or any other) difficulty reward a separate list. Platinum doesn’t affect it, but if you have the desire go ahead!

In the second part of the Norse saga, the trophy set will be very similar to the 2018 reboot. Many prizes are tied to researching locations and collecting a variety of collectibles. Some suggest that you focus on the story first and then explore the world of the game, so you don’t have to do it twice. Many locations and puzzles are initially inaccessible until we get some story stuff. One of the “collection” parts of the locations is only revealed after the story is over. But I prefer to do the research step by step, rather than just follow the plot and then come back. I think that sometimes it undermines the integrity of the world, at least in my perception. Although here, the post-plot journeys are even played out, they have their own direction and purpose. If you want to travel with Atreus instead of Freya, you have to do it before the story ends, because you won’t have much of a choice then. While puzzles and combat are interchangeable, the dialogue in the journey will be as different as the stories told. Don’t miss the chance to spend more time with Kratos’ son.

The most interesting location for me to explore was the Crater and its surrounding locations in Wanaheim. Deserts, jungles, dry rivers, flowering gardens, all of this diversity has been masterfully put together. Besides, this is where we get to fight dragons, which is tied to one of the Invasive species trophies. Some of these impudent birds were killed by accident, when in the heat of battle, the axe was fired in a distant direction. Some of them are in places that are not obvious and you have to go a little bit crazy to find them or go to YouTube to find the relevant videos. Instead of hunting the walrus, we have the death-bird. If you don’t try to kill them before they’re too late, while our hero is low, they don’t cause much trouble, except on a few occasions. Kratos was by then the best armoured and armed to the teeth, for I had started this part at the very end. It’s just not realistic to focus on one person so much, and to miss someone out of sight is likely to be a painful blow to the back. Just keep your nerve. The King of the Dead is not too complex, but he is one. His main “chart” is that he randomly executes attacks of any other Berserk. But the new Valkyrie queen is no less powerful than Sigrun. Putting us on the shovel, even with the maximum thrust, wouldn’t be too much trouble for this lady, but we’d get a couple of stitches in a fight and we could start over.

God of War: Ragnarok received a platinum award. The rarity of the platinum trophy is 41.26%, and of all players, 9.9% have received it. Given its popularity and high sales, that’s a pretty high number. For comparison, the 2018 game has a 28.42% rarity and 4.6%.

Fractal Projects decided to do a puzzle with suitcases. The confined space is to store weapons, ammunition, herbs and other stuff familiar from Leon’s adventures. I was just shocked that Save Room on Steam has a 98% positive rating. Have you ever heard of this game? It’s just a piece of Resident Evil 4. Trophies in the Save Room can be won in an hour or two without a guide. The weapons in the inventory should be loaded, with ammunition, food and medicine that just won’t fit if you try to put it all away on the fly. Some missions have gunpowder for making bullets, which is also not provided for.

To get platinum, you must complete 39 of the 40 levels in the game. These include mixing red and yellow grass, mixing all grasses, spraying, trying to complete a level without reloading your weapon, inspecting any weapon. That’s all I got. The rest is for completing 39 stages. By the way, I’m in the top five of the first-ever platinum-selling PS4 game. You can also get the PS5 version, they came together, but I’m just lazy…

The Save Room trophies are obviously more creative…
The Gardens Between takes one to two hours to play. The trophy conditions are a little more rigid, but since each episode can be replayed, there’s no problem. It even has a story and a clear message of friendship. The game is part of the Turkish PS Plus Deluxe catalog. Levels are 3-10 minutes. There’s not even two dozen of them. You can see what the trophies did for the tick, although there are a couple of interesting finds that don’t affect the passage at all. In one episode, you had to flip a Mario-like game so that the crow would lose, and in another episode,You have to flip the clock five times so that. the girl would throw popcorn in the boy’s face five times in a row. If you do all this with a gauge, you’ll lose some of the fun. Only a few problems can cause any difficulty. Otherwise, it’s a great option, as is the case with Save Room, if you want to get a couple of new platinum cups for the evening!

I’ve always loved the Lovecraft universe, from the movies (Reanimator, The Outside, Dagon, Hemoglobin and others) to the games. I still think Dark Corners of the Earth is the best game based on the work of a genius author. There have been almost no truly worthy Lovecraft games since. The 2018 Call of Cthulhu did not come. Either the atmosphere was a little off, or the game was a little too technical. So I decided to give the game makers a second chance with The Sinking City, and I did.

The Sinking City is a game where you can say, “Everybody’s talking shit, and I liked it!”. A game full of technical glitches like incredibly long loads, getting stuck in opponents’ textures, not always loading textures on time. You can spice it up with a 10-year-old chart, ax-shooting and a blank, boring town. The Sinking City has a unique atmosphere that is all about the dark and the dark. The endless rain, the fog, and the sounds of mysterious creatures from almost every corner. The characters are very charismatic and memorable. Take the name of the local noble family, the Trogmortons. Sounds like it. And if you consider that he also looks very much like a monkey, for which there are objective reasons… it was very pleasing to see a lot of references to Lovecraft’s work, and the large-scale specimens of giant creatures underwater made us pause and enjoy the opening scenes.

The game is simple, and if you follow the clues, you can get the platinum in about 12 hours. Almost all of The Sinking City’s trophies are pass-throughs. You just have to choose the wrong answer in the dialogue or skip the optional quest and you can forget about the appropriate situational trophies.

It took me about 15 hours to complete the main company and all the secondary quests, but I was in no hurry and enjoyed exploring every corner of the mysterious city. Yeah, it could have been faster, but The Sinking City really has some very interesting side quests and dialogue, so I never felt the urge to flip through the text without reading it.

I’m glad there are no trophies to collect, which is often the most time-consuming part of the game. It’s one thing to explore the world for fun, and it’s another to be forced to do it. The trophies for the three endings can also be obtained without any trickery.

I really hope that there will be new Lovecraft projects soon!

The final trophy digest this year. And on this milestone, he gave himself a gift: three consecutive sets of achievements in his favorite game series. You’ve ever won multiple platinum records at almost the same time. I thought I’d try a trick like that with the Danganronpa trilogy. I’ve gone through each section right up to the point where I’m about to unlock the final achievement. Moreover, for a full pass, he left only one art to be purchased at the gallery. So at the end, I started a real chain reaction and almost simultaneously knocked 1000G into:.

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.
  • Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
  • Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

The main Monokuma series is in full on Xbox Game Pass. Previously held these games to platinum on the PlayStation Vita. The big problem with a Microsoft subscription is that it can eat up all your time. I like different genres and unusual indie games, so I always find something interesting in the pass. Danganronpa is a very low-budget game that needs to be refined. But the mechanics are interesting. Bloodborne in an alternate universe. And to solve the problem of not having enough time for subscription titles, I’m playing what I’m most interested in personally at the moment.

The first, best part of the game is the story campaign itself. And the second part is made up of different degrees of mini-game distortion. As the pieces come together, these platinum-necessary activities become more and more extensive and grinded. A main course worth playing for. And finally, in the third part, the developers are going all out and giving us a 100+ hour hard-core cap (7 out of 10 on our scale).

Danganronpa V3 is the latest version of the popular mobile game. The first two parts were fine, and I also ran a dating simulation in the craft mode. In the second half, we had to upgrade the equipment in the arena behind Monomi. Things, by the way, fall with a low chance, so 5-6 hours only sat in this mode. You end up getting along with your classmates pretty fast.

How I spend my time away from games. Something like that.
Picked up the bonuses in time to have a chance of winning. If they don’t get in your way this time, wait for the next round. You can’t restart a failed attempt right away, but you have to wait until the end of the current race. Fishing, on the other hand, was the easiest. But you have to get used to it, too.

The most interesting game was the bomb squad. It was interesting to build up tactics here, so the victory came naturally. As for the casino, it was a lot of money to spend on a trip to the Kamasutra Hotel. Contrary to expectations, you won’t find hot art, but unusual romantic scenes. The problem is, every time, the scenes with the characters are random. And to achieve it, as they say, you have to see everyone. So I spent a lot of time rebooting the seif and searching for the last scenes out of over a dozen repeats.

Danganronpa is a simple dungeon crawler, but with all the characters from the trilogy, fighting bosses and crafting gear is fun. The problem is that the developers have added two more traps to this mode: the gachu and the tamagochu. However, there was a mode that I liked, unlike the mini-games from all parts of the game put together. In the first one, you play a roulette game with the fighters. In the second, you’re pumping these fighters.

After three stages of this “deck”, your character gains skills, stamina, and strength. If he’s a standard-class fighter, he’ll have a weak swing. In the later stages, you get higher-ranking characters, and they can be upgraded to level 99 with a bunch of strong skills. All in all, this little JRPG turned out pretty good. But now you see how complex the Danganronpa V3 platinum is. By the way, so far the first and only one to knock out an Xbox co-conspirator on our site.

On Xbox, it was not difficult to become the top 1 in the Danganronpa series. Because there are only three sets of achievements available. Although, if anyone wanted to, they would have taken it out long ago: games from the release are available in Game Pass.

The Monocume series has a whole battery of platinum: 21 platinum cups. To knock it all out is something on the edge of the fantasy. I’ll warn you right away, the toughest one is Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp. But your humble servant has cracked 12 platinum on the Sony console. Over 100 hours of dull grinding.
Did you have any trophy plans or challenges this year? What have you accomplished and what are your exciting plans for the future?

By the second half of the game, I was determined to take it for a spin. The thing is, I’m not always in the mood to chase the “platinum” that requires a titanic investment in time and grinding. And if the project itself allows for fewer runs… well, why not? I’d better cross it someday without the trophy attachment, completely immersed in the process (hello, Dead Space 3, with your four passes to the “payment”).

A crazy plant watering system could make a bloody rain if you throw in a couple of biophages…
“I almost convinced myself that for “the paycheck”, I might have to upgrade all or most of the weapons to the maximum” “I did responsibly, by carrying in Jacob’s seamless pockets all the extra bullets, converters, decoders and, oh yes, printers to the nearest level. But when I play a new game, I don’t always get the same rush of action as with Callisto” But still, there’s no money to improve absolutely everything in The Callisto Protocol, so it’s not a feat that the player needs to achieve!

By the end of chapter 5, I still missed one iplant (still not matching the passes) and was forced to replay a small portion of the episode. However, a large number of auto-saves allow this to happen. By the end, I hadn’t missed a single collectible for the Grim Reaper/Dark Reaper trophy. After that, I was even more careful and, as it turned out, I quietly assembled all the remaining diaries for the subtitles myself. By the way, the trophy itself falls out when you pick up the penultimate file in the game.

The final game of “The Protocol is About Life” has been completed. The final game is a race to find the final cup. There are only a few unclaimed cups in the game. The winner gets to keep the final game and all of its prizes. The game ends with the winner receiving the final trophy.

Complete the Callisto Protocol at its highest level of complexity. Well, I heard something about downloading the latest auto-save and turning on “maximum security”. I wonder if the developers have patched this leak yet. It worked like clockwork, and the trophy fell without a hitch, only the final run to the life pod had to be repeated.

It’s over, Anakin, I’m standing above you.
Take a picture in the photo mode. Another trophy in the airtight pocket of the suit, to perform a perfect evasion five times. And what about that trophy, why haven’t you got it yet, since you’re so good at dodging. It turned out to be a successful evasion of the perfect evasion of a riot. So I decided to upload the final fight with Captain Ferris, who likes to punch in close combat four or five times in a row, and take the advice of driving the DualSense stick back and forth very quickly. It was almost instantaneous. And then the platinum cup fell out. And a very easy and interesting “platinum” in the collection.

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