James Cameron has released a special about Titanic.

25 years ago, James Cameron released Titanic, and ever since, there’s been a debate about whether Jake would have survived if he’d climbed aboard the Rose, or whether it would have killed both of his heroes. The director himself was so fed up with these questions that he decided to take a scientific approach:.

We’ve done the scientific research to put an end to this whole story and to drive a stake through her heart once and for all. We took two stuntmen with the same body weight as Kate and Leo, glued them to sensors, put them in ice water and tested whether they could survive. Only one could have survived.

We’ve done a thorough analysis with a hypothermia expert, we’ve recreated the film’s plot, and we’re going to do a little special about it, which we’re going to release in February.

Interestingly, in 2012, the host of “Mythbusters” came to the opposite conclusion. They think Jack might have survived if Rose had given him her life jacket.

Titanic was released in December of 1997 and has grossed over $2.2 billion on a $200 million budget. The film was the highest-grossing film of all time for almost 12 years, beaten only by Avatar in 2009 and Avengers: Endgame in 2019. In 1998, the film won 11 Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director, and even Best Song.

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