Geralt from The Witcher series has a smartphone in his hand.

Few fans of The Witcher series would have imagined Geralt always having a smartphone in his hand. But with modern technology, that idea has become a reality. At least in the images generated by artificial intelligence.

In the images, you can see Geralt constantly trying to take a spectacular selfie. Even the battle is no obstacle to him. And, of course, the picture of the Plotva is attached.

What other fan ideas will be embodied in the actual neural network is hard to say, but, earlier, for example, AI was used to demonstrate what Samuel L. The other two are Samuel L. Jackson, Mads Mikkelsen, and Liam Hemsworth. By the way, he’s the one who’s supposed to replace Henry Cavill in the fourth season of The Witcher.

And we recently reported on a deepfake that featured Daniel Craig, the gray-haired hero of the James Bond movies.

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