The Verge tested DualSense Edge, a new premium version of the game controller for PlayStation 5 and PC.

The Verge tested DualSense Edge, A new premium version of the game controller for PlayStation 5 and PC, expected to go on sale in January for $199.99 in the US and €239.99 in Europe.

The journalist spent about two hours with the gamepad, during which he tried to test its key features, including new “leaflets”, rescheduled buttons, customizable tick movements, adjusting the dead zone and stick sensitivity, and interchangeable sticks. He shared his impressions in a short video.

Below is the basic list.

  • In overall build, size and ergonomics, the DualSense Edge is almost indistinguishable from the original DualSense. The most noticeable changes in touch are the fact that the buttons and touchpad now have a “hairy” texture, and the inner part of the gamepad has a rubber pad.
  • The DualSense Edge’s button and stick movement, as the journalist notes, is also very similar to the stock version of DualSense. The only difference is the sound of the new controller’s pressing sounds a little quieter.
  • The DualSense Edge sticks are very easy to replace. You can change both the fungus itself (four options are available) and its height. The gamepad also allows you to change the stick modules themselves, making it much easier to repair a broken controller. The sticks can be combined by setting different variants of the on the right and left with a concave and a deepened shape, suitable for different types of games.
  • The DualSense Edge stick motion is selected by a separate switch you can set both a standard option and a more sensitive to press options, which can be useful in competitive shooters. It is noteworthy that the latter option automatically turns off the adaptive system of the cranks there will be no resistance to pressing.
  • The sensitivity of the DualSense Edge buttons can also be programmatically adjusted in this case the button itself does not change at all, however, the console registers the presses differently.
  • The petals in the DualSense Edge work exactly as you’d expect. The gamepad comes with two levers, one smaller and one larger. They can be easily replaced or removed completely – provided you do not see a need for them. The petals are also fully programmable you can assign any of the available controller buttons to the press.
  • Within the PlayStation 5 interface, you can freely re-purpose almost all controller elements, including the Start and Create buttons. The created profiles allow you to freely save them in three accessible presets. Switching is carried out using new levers located under the stick, as well as four “face” buttons, one of which is always tied to the standard layout of the gamepad.
  • The DualSense Edge is slightly faster to discharge than the standard DualSense. Sony officials noted that the difference in the duration of the two gamepads would be noticeable. This is because the premium model has been designed to incorporate many new features without compromising on size or convenience. In addition, as noted in Sony, to compensate for the reduced operating time, a long wire is required, which comes with the controller.

Overall, DualSense Edge lives up to expectations, the author noted. All the functions that the manufacturer claims are working.

The DualSense Edge is expected to launch on January 26, 2023.

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