The Terminator and its direct sequel Judgment Day are considered masterpieces of their genre and time.

It’s no wonder that The Terminator and its direct sequel Judgment Day are considered true masterpieces of their genre and time, which, unfortunately, cannot be said about the other sequels.

Of course, each of the sequels that followed had some interesting ideas, but some of the ideas were completely out of place, and the sequels were designed and executed in a very bad way.

I ‘m not sure I ‘m ready to go back to the old days .

The third installment of the franchise, set ten years after Judgment Day, tells the story of John Connor, who grows up to be a real loser. The idea doesn’t sound great, but even that doesn’t compare to the disappointment of Sarah Connor dying behind the scenes, apparently between two films.

The revelation that Sarah became ill and died before the events of the trilogy is on a par with the Alien 3 twist that all of the fan-favorite Alien supporting characters died in the gap between the sequels.

I ‘m not sure I ‘m ready to go back to the real world .

While Sarah’s death off-screen was offensive, John’s death on screen in Dark Fates, which wiped out all of the sequels in the canon, may be an even worse decision. In the opening scene, John kills the T-800, and that immediately negates the perfect ending to Doomsday, because he didn’t prevent Doomsday itself.

By comparison, if “Rebellion of the Machines” had started with Sarah half-dead in bed, it would hardly have caused the fans to be outraged and indignant.

I ‘m not sure I ‘m ready to be a part of this .

After the first scene of “Dark Fates” where the T-800 kills John Connor, the second act raises a rather intriguing question: what happens to the Terminator, stuck in the past, if they actually complete their mission without being destroyed?

Apparently, the answer is that he’s gaining emotional depth, integrating into human society, falling in love with a single mother, and living a quiet suburban life under the name “Carl”. That was really stupid.

Everything that ends in Genesis.

The script is a thinly veiled blend of all the memorable moments from the first two parts. The third (Rebellion of the Machines), the fourth (The Savior Will Come) and the sixth (Dark Fates) have glimpses of merit. Genesis is more of a greatest hits album than a movie, but all of Cameron’s classic tracks are reprinted by Alan Taylor. The film is similar to The Force Awakens, but with an even less coherent plot.

What’s worse, there are some original ideas in the script – like Sarah Connor being raised by the Terminator as “Paps”, John Connor being half-Terminator, and Skynet being played by Matt Smith – all of which are really bad.

The endless copying of the formula of the second part .

The reason that Terminator 2: Judgment Day was so successful is because it changed the formula. Instead of man protecting man from the Terminator, the Terminator was protecting man from an even more advanced Terminator. It raised the stakes and led to a very different story.

Unfortunately, the sequels that followed the second part copied the formula of the film rather than trying to develop it. The change of scenery in “The Savior Will Come” was a step in the right direction, but it didn’t quite live up to its potential.

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