The switch is expected to be non-return.

The switch is expected to be non-return.

Apple is planning to equip its virtual reality headset with a “digital crown”, reports The Information. It’s what the company says it calls a physical switch that allows you to change the modes of operation of the headset.

Using the switch on the right side of the headset, the user can turn the VR mode on or off to see what is happening around them. You don’t have to take off the headset to do that.

And here’s another story: A $2,000 to $3,000 Apple VR headset will be like the Mac in performance.

Sources say the “digital crown” will not be equipped with any feedback. It appears to be a very simple switch.

The headset will also get a special technology that improves its performance with Apple AirPods. The technology is said to be in “ultra-low delay mode”, and if the headphones are not present, the speakers in the headset are used.

There is no word on when Apple may release its headset. The first version of the headset is expected to be expensive, costing about $3,000.

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