“Wansday” has attracted a huge following, and fans are looking forward to continuing their journey into the world of the Addams Family.

So far, nothing has threatened the friendship between Wensday and Enid.

The most popular Netflix show of the second half of 2022 is the series “Wansday”. This is the story of Waynesday Adams, a character in a comic book by Charles Addams, a girl who grew up and went to an unusual school.

“Wansday” has attracted a huge following, and fans are looking forward to continuing their journey into the world of the Addams Family. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, writer Miles Millar and Alfred Gough talked about the making of the show and what to expect from “Wansday” in the future.

And here’s the story of Gomez and Morticia singing awful:.

“Wansday” is Miller and Gough’s first detective story, and the writers hadn’t done it before, but they always wanted to try it. It turns out that it’s a lot more complicated than it looks: you have to make sure that all the questions are answered in the end.

The writers were left wondering if the distraction they had devised would work and if the audience would be left wondering who Hyde was and who was behind him. Looks like the partners think it worked out.

But it wasn’t that simple, because sometimes you had to go back to the scene that was already there and add little details so that the audience wouldn’t think of a completely different character.

Among the “detective” sources of inspiration for the screenwriters were the books of Agatha Christie. Millar and Gough are having trouble naming a specific novel: there were many books, such as “She wrote a murder”.

Wasn’t the first time they sent Wansday to Nevermore Academy. In the early versions of the script, Wansday attended a normal school and returned home every day, but then Millar and Gough thought it would be more interesting to look at the place where Gomez and Morticia had their education – it was clearly not a normal school.

The writers also thought it was a good idea because fans would also be interested in learning about the world in which people like Gomez and Morticia live. That’s what happened.

The resemblance to Harry Potter is purely coincidental. Millar and Gough weren’t inspired by J.K. Rowling or anything like that, but they were inspired by Stephen King’s stories about what happens in small towns.

The creators of the series have tried to pay tribute to Charles Addams, the artist and creator of the Addams Family. It’s not just the characters’ appearance: some of the design elements that appear in the show are directly borrowed from Charles’ drawings.

Millar and Gough are open to continuing the show. In future seasons of “Wansday”, it’s possible to “really expand the Addams Family universe” by drawing attention to things that were not talked about in previous adaptations of Charles Addams’ work.

In thinking about the identities of Wensday and the other characters, Millar and Gough drew on their own experiences: the writers had four daughters for two. The writers know perfectly well how adolescent girls can change, how confident, uncompromising and at the same time strange they can be.

Actually, “Wansday” is a show about female friendship. In the first season, Wansday “dipped her finger into the pool of friendship”, and this storyline is worth expanding in the future. The second interesting plot line to develop is the relationship between Wensday and Morticia.

The conflict between Morticia and Wensday is a product of the writers’ personal experiences. Millar and Gough have noticed how their wives and daughters develop relationships: there is always a moment when the girls “try to create their own identities” and separate from their mothers.

Now Wansday wants to break out of the shadow that Morticia casts, and she’s puzzled by it. But eventually Morticia will accept Wensday for who she is. Because the Addams Family has an interesting trait: they really love each other.

Wensday and Enid aren’t going to ship at least not yet. At the time of the season one finale, the girls are sisters, but things can change: Miller and Gough have a “road map” for the development of the series’ storylines and they do not mind if some roads lead to unexpected places.

“Wansday” has not been renewed for a second season. There are rumors that the series will be announced in 2023, and in fact, work on the second season is already underway.

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