The Glass Candle premiered on Netflix on December 23.

The long-awaited sequel to Getting the Knives is out, and it may have even more plot twists than the original. Benoit Blanc, the detective is back, but he’s the only central character.

This time he’s tasked with solving a murder mystery on a private island filled with self-proclaimed “destroyers” who use their powers in a very different way. If you want to know what happened in the final, read on.

Next up, the spoilers!

The Glass Candle is built around a series of revelations. The first is that the streamer Cody (Dave Batista) was poisoned in an accident. The poisoned drink was originally believed to belong to Miles Bron (Edward Norton), a tech billionaire who invited them all to the island.

Bronn convinced the rest of his group of friends to side with him in a dispute over a napkin in a bar that had samples of the company’s plan on it. Both Blanc and I find that Bronn’s success was based on Cassandra “Andy” Brand, who did most of the work to build her tech company.

But what’s a detective doing on an island? When he arrived on the island, there had been no murder, at least not that we know of. He claims he was invited, but he wasn’t.

The real Andy was killed before the main story even started. The person who pretended to be her on the island is actually Andy’s twin sister, Helen, a humble schoolteacher. She contacted Blanc after she learned her sister had died under suspicious circumstances. Blan convinces her to go to the island and pose as her sister.

Eventually, we find out that Bronn is behind Andy’s murder, and that he’s not as smart as he looks. He deliberately killed Duke because Duke found out Andy was dead and knew that Bronn was behind it. The whole Bronn movie is a cover-up.

In the finale, Helen blows up a glass bulb in the center of the island, leaving only ruins behind Bronn’s legacy. The satire of the film focuses on the super-rich class, especially the people who consider themselves one step ahead of everyone else. But with the help of a world-renowned detective, a schoolteacher can outsmart them all and leave behind nothing but ashes.

The film premiered on Netflix on December 23.

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