SteamDB has named the top releases of the year in the Steam store.

Like many portals, SteamDB has decided to sum up the year by naming the top releases of the year in the Steam store. It is noteworthy that the best game of this year according to the TGA 2022 version, Elden Ring (rating 90.58%), was only in 147th place.

Here’s what the top 30 best game projects of 2022 on Steam look like:.

The full list of the best releases (250 titles) can be found here or on the screenshots below:.

When forming the rating, not only the overall rating is taken into account, but also the number of reviews.

The report states: Since 2017, the platform has used a formula that follows two simple rules: 1) the more reviews a game has, the more SteamDB has confidence that its rating is correct; 2) all ratings should be shifted towards the average rating (50%) .

So you can’t just accidentally get on that list.

We previously reported on the top 20 games of 2022 according to Empire magazine.

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