Starbreeze Studios CEO Tobias Scheugren breaks silence on Payday 3.

For a long time, Starbreeze Studios has not revealed any details about the development of Payday 3. But in his latest interview with IGN, Tobias Scheugren, the studio’s CEO, decided to break the silence.

According to him, the development process for the sequel to the band of robbers is going “very well”, and the game’s release is still scheduled for 2023. He also noted that they would be happy to provide more details, but cannot do so at this time. So fans can now only wait for new details until next year.

We currently know that Payday 3 is being developed using Unreal Engine 4. The new series will be set in New York City with characters from previous series. It has also been confirmed that the game will be supported for at least 18 months after release.

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