Triangle Strategy has sold over a million copies.

Square Enix has shared the sales results of its strategic role-playing game Triangle Strategy. As it turns out, the HD-2D visual style project, released in March on Nintendo Switch, has sold over a million copies. The developers celebrated the achievement with a festive art.

The last time the publisher reported sales was on March 18, when it was noted that two weeks after launch, the game had 800,000 fans. The project has since been released on PC, where it is now available on Steam at a 40% discount.

Triangle Strategy is set in Norselia, where the story revolves around three kingdoms. The three nations have banded together for the extraction of minerals. Serenoa, heir to the most powerful of the noble houses in the kingdom of Glenbrook, intends to marry Frederica of Esfrost to further strengthen the ties between the peoples.

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