Sports Story is a sequel to the acclaimed Golf Story game.

Sidebar Games has released a sequel to its acclaimed sports game with role-playing elements of Golf Story. A new development called Sports Story has recently been made available to Nintendo Switch users. The project includes tennis, football, mini-golf, BMX, volleyball, cricket and other sports.

But Sports Story is not just a game about sports. It has alternative pastimes, such as underground exploration or fishing expeditions, adding an element of surprise.

In Sports Story , you can:.

  • Play golf on the regular and the fancy courses .
  • To train at the famous tennis academy .
  • To make friends and enemies on the way to the pinnacle of sportsmanship .
  • explore the dungeons, spy intrigue, mini-games, treasure and even meet the Queen;.
  • You’re competing in an unusual mixed martial arts event, so your coach is proud of you.

The sequel to Golf Story was announced in 2019. However, instead of a 2020 release date, the developers announced a postponement.

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