Stardew Valley-style pixel farm.

A new trailer has been released for the cute Stardew Valley-style pixel farm Roots of Pacha, about the prehistoric world. The video shows a lot of aspects of the game, from mining resources to the appearance of children.

Players will be able to explore a vast world and its many regions, tame various animals, learn technology, fish, explore caves with puzzles, develop a settlement, start relationships and play a variety of mini-games.

It looks pretty nice and good, and there are a lot of possibilities in the game: someone can watch the garden, while others will be more interesting to participate in races on different animals.

Synopsis: The first day of school.

You’ve been wandering the primeval forests for years. It is time to find our place in this world. Join forces with your loyal friends to create a thriving society and develop technologies that will change the ancient world. Harvest your crops, tame your animals, be the first true farmer. Find your love to pass on a great legacy to your children.

You can explore the prehistoric world with your friends, and you can personalize each character like you would your own home.

Roots of Pacha is coming to PC on April 25.

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