High on Life is the most unexpected shooter of 2022, which for all its flaws manages to catch on.

The year that is ending has been a very strange one for Microsoft especially after a busy 2021. In fact, the Xbox team this year was led by Obsidian, which managed to release two small but brilliant projects.

But in mid-December, Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland dropped out of the frying pan to save Phil Spencer’s sinking reputation. High on Life is the most unexpected shooter of 2022, which for all its flaws manages to catch on.

Rowland started Squanch Games to pursue his wildest gaming fantasies. High on Life is the result of this approach: the project combines a whole bunch of ideas from various popular games, which together holds a Rick and Morty-style acid humor.

The player takes control of a sociophobia-ridden zoomer who must save the Earth’s population from the alien drug cartel G3. The protagonist is helped in his hunt by his hyperactive sister Lizzie and the homeless, legless Gene. However, the central role in the adventures of the boxer-zoomer is played by the last representatives of the race of the Gatlians. Each one is a unique blister that must be used in battle.

Before you get to High on Life, there’s one important thing to keep in mind. Artel Roiland is not so much trying to make you laugh as he is trying to test your patience. That’s why he’s been trying to get the annoying chatter out of him from the beginning. Everyone is talking, except the main character, who is the silent protagonist.

In addition, the player is constantly trying to take advantage of the weakness of the characters who are deliberately angry. There’s also a slew of pointless persistence challenges designed to troll the audience. High on Life’s perception is influenced by the fact that the developers chose The Darkness as one of the sources to emulate.

Several B-movie titles were added, including cult films like Tammy and T. Rex, Vampire Bitches, and Blood Harvest. And as a bonus, you can find a movie theater where you can watch the horror movie “The Demon Wind” with commentary from bloggers on the RedLetterMedia YouTube channel.

The traditional Rick and Morty format of intergalactic television is nowhere to be found, as the creators finally hit the spot and start carrying a wheelbarrow, which they then try to visualize. It’s possible that some of the material was released while the actors were drunk.

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