The Adams brothers have added a third developer to their Dwarf Fortress team.

The Adams brothers were joined by a third developer on Dwarf Fortress. As the brothers joked, it’s the first time anyone outside the family has seen the game’s code.

The new employee, nicknamed Putnam, is a longtime fan of the project who will help with the programming. The increase in staff was due to the good sales of the game on Steam. Also joining the team is SalfordSal , a YouTube blogger who has dedicated her channel to the game and similar projects like Rimworld.

In addition, the game has added a mode of classic ASCII-pseudography. You can switch between modes with one button. Other graphical improvements were also made, including the addition of Steam cards.

Dwarf Fortress was released on Steam on December 6, with updated graphics. Within the first 24 hours, the game fulfilled the sales plan for two months, and within a week it was sold in more than 300 thousand copies.

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