P Potion Craft is an early access alchemist simulator.

Publisher tinyBuild and developer niceplay games have announced the release of Potion Craft, an early access alchemist simulator. With the release of version 1.0, players have access to a lot of new content. The developers also fixed some bugs and improved the control, interface and optimization.

The full release of the simulator will delight fans with new unique herbs and tasks, trading themes, custom icons, correct descriptions of all ingredients and more. Also, players can now skip training and play the bad guy by selling goods to robbers and evil sorcerers.

The developers also worked on the balance: they doubled the cost of ingredients, made 12 blank pages in the recipe book instead of 6, simplified the bargaining at the “hard” and “very hard” levels, and slightly increased the requirements for each level of popularity. You can read more about all the changes here.

Potion Craft is available on PC and Xbox consoles. The simulator is also available via Game Pass.

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