We can go to other places, but we don’t have any official confirmation yet.

We can go to other places, but we don’t have any official confirmation yet.

Over a hundred people are working on a new installment of The Witcher, but we know almost nothing about the game except that Geralt won’t be the main character. GamesRadar asked leading game designer Philip Weber to at least tell us where the game takes place.

Weber confirmed that he was involved in the development of a new The Witcher, but declined to reveal details. However, the designer agreed to talk about what places in the Witcher universe he would like to see for himself.

Philip Webber is the lead designer of the assignment.

Actually, I’m working on a new The Witcher saga right now. Whatever I say will be taken as a hint, so I’ll give you a very diplomatic answer.

I’ve always wanted to go back to Temeria and Visim, see what they look like now. So I’m really excited that we’re doing a remake of the first part of The Witcher.

With Philip’s sense of humour, we shouldn’t be surprised if the new Witcher ends up being about Visim or other Temperance places.

In the first part of the series, which Philip recalled, players could not explore all of Temeria, but only Vyzym and its surroundings. Formal players have a glimpse of Temeria in The Witcher 3: the kingdom includes the White Garden, a location from the game’s prologue. Geralt was not allowed to go anywhere else.

The new Witcher isn’t coming out for a few years, there’s no release window. The remake of the first The Witcher will be released even later than the new game in the series.

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