Overwatch 2 is moving to Frituplay.

With Overwatch 2 moving to Frituplay, new characters were locked into the battle pass. For example, to get free ninja Kiriko, the gamer had to reach level 55 of the Battle Pass. It seems Blizzard has listened to the angry chorus of fans and has slightly revised its approach.

In the second season, they’ll add a tank hero named Ramattra. We’ll still have to get him out of combat mode, but it’ll be a little faster. Overwatch 2 game director Aaron Keller tweeted about it:.

Users have been mixed about this move many have liked this decision, while others have expressed outrage that the demand is still too high. It took me weeks to get to 40 free BPs playing at normal tempo one commenter complains.

As a reminder, gamers can also get a paid version of the pass, which allows them to get their desired character much faster. The bonus is a bunch of “cosmetics”, including a vintage look for one of the fighters. In the first season, the team’s choice fell to Genji.

The second season of Overwatch 2 will start today December 6. His main subject was the myths of ancient Greece. Kotaku just called the second Overwatch battle pass the worst of 2022.

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