Destiny 2 kicked off the Seraph season this week.

This week Destiny 2 kicked off the Seraph season, which, judging by the online Steam, didn’t get much fanfare from players. Gamers have long criticized the Luthor-Shooter for being a clich├ęd seasonal model with the same type of activities and progression.

Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn says the studio hears player criticism “loud and clear”, but significant changes will have to wait until at least season 22. It’s the 19th.

The team is excited about plans to bring more creative risk to the seasonal progression, but it will be some time before your feedback catches up with our development cycle.

End of the World and Season 20 will shake up the game, but our main goals for the seasons are to simplify and improve the synergy between your season goals and the rest of the game.

This season will be the final season of the Witch Queen series. On February 28, 2023, Destiny 2 will receive a major expansion, End of the World.

Rasputin’s return in the trailer for the Seraph season of Destiny 2.

Luthor-Shooter is available on PC and consoles of both generations.

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