God of War Ragnarok has a photo mode.

From time to time, the carcass of Kratos can behave very strangely.

Along with the latest update, God of War Ragnarok has a photo mode: the developers took their time and added it to the game almost a month after the release. Fans immediately went to photograph the adventures of Kratos.

We’ve been going through the God of War sub-domain and we’ve put together a small selection of the most beautiful footage. Note: Some of these screenshots may contain spoilers.


While some players were admiring the beauty, others were investigating. In late November, fans noticed in the game what could be considered Thor’s knocked-out tooth; thanks to the photo mode, this object was able to be studied up close and yes, it is indeed a tooth.

In God of War Ragnarok, players hope to find other interesting objects. The previous installment had a few secrets, and fans are hoping the sequel will have something similar.

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