Hunter x Hunter Mobile has entered the ZBT stage.

It’s a week to the New Year, 2023. Developers and publishers have sort of colluded and continued to run beta tests and release patches. We’ve been following this all week, and now I, Valery Nikitenkov, editor-in-chief of _2023202_ will tell you about the main events of the past seven days. Let’s move!

Hunter x Hunter Mobile has entered the ZBT stage.

Hunter x Hunter Mobile can be played on Android through Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. The developers promise familiar characters, run after them and get them by January 3. Players will also be able to participate in turn-based battles by assembling a team of 3 heroes in advance. In an earlier version, the developers added special animations during the use of the ulta. In parallel with the game, a manga of the same name is being released in Japan, which is being developed by the creator of the franchise and his assistants.

Getting into the Mission Zero beta test is almost impossible?

NetEase Games continue to work on the game Mission Zero. It uses developments from previous NetEase games, such as Identity V. But the gameplay is more reminiscent of Hitman. Mission Zero is playable on three different platforms during the beta. Only there are very few places, they could already be sold out. In the latest Mission Zero news, you can find all the download links you need, as well as system requirements for iOS, Android and PC.

Project W gives way to other tactical RPGs.

An early launch is taking place in Indonesia, so far exclusively on Android. Players will assemble a group of fantasy characters and then go on a journey of exploration through stepped-up combat. I’ll note that each character belongs to a particular element, so you have to select a squad before each battle. As for the new version, the developers of Project W promise more realistic character models and smooth animations. The player can also customize the characters by giving them additional stats.

Blade of God II: Orisols is the ultimate Dark Souls clone.

Blade of God II: Orisols is available on Android in 2 countries, Malaysia and Singapore. This is another trial run where players can choose 1 of 12 classes to develop their character. The developers promise switching between different weapon types and random moments, like the chest might turn out to be a decoy and a monster. Blade of God II: Orisols will be a group experience with friends, at least when it comes to boss battles. If you come in every day for the first week, you can get rare rewards. In the early run, the developers worked on a system of “event change”, where each player’s choice affects the further development of the world.

CRSED: Cuisine Royale is exactly what the developers of War Thunder are doing?

Gaijin Entertainment has released an early version of CRSED: Cuisine Royale. You can play it on Android, if you want. The design seems to be, well, very raw — the same kind of destruction, the salad and the empty hills, the grainy graphics and the zero excitement. World War II setting with superheroes, and realistic ballistics during the shooting. Players can also call upon demonic forces to aid them, set traps, and use transportation to move quickly through the Zone. They don’t even throw you off a plane, they just throw you on a map and make you look for loot.

Assassin’s Creed Project Jade is in full swing.

Players will be able to more or less freely move around the local world on horses, hide from enemies, jump on roofs and arrange moves of the level of the latest assassins. As you can see from the footage, the focus is on the storyline, although we’re also expecting PvP. Project Jade is already console-level graphics, and it’s English localization. The player can also use eagle vision to find hidden objects and enemies on the map, plus customize their character.

A major update has been released for Farlight 84 .

The game recently received a new patch that gave players 4,000 gold, plus an updated battle pass and a new zone. The developers also promise a new mode where players are divided into 4 roles: saptrack, damager, tank and scout. My penultimate news is the battle royal Farlight 84 with its unique styling and giant spider-like transport. You can also participate in the Farlight 84 beta test on PC; for this you apply and wait for an invitation to Steam. It’s worth noting that you’ll be asked for the Farlight account level and its name.

Battlefield Mobile is getting a new patch.

Battlefield Mobile is now available on Android. It offers a new machine gun, sniper rifle and epic skins. The developers also claim that they have fixed some graphical and technical problems. Don’t worry, this update doesn’t erase your progress, although when the servers shut down, it’ll be a different conversation. I should note that Battlefield Mobile already has graphics at least on the level of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the gameplay itself is much more hardcore and larger than the same Call of Duty Mobile.

And that, my friends, is all I have. Thank you for watching. I hope it continues into the New Year.

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