“The Witcher: Origin of Blood” will premiere on Netflix on December 25.

Ahead of the premiere of the series “The Witcher: Origin”, Netflix released a short clip showing the opening scene, which features two versions of Lutic as played by Joey Betty in the middle of a battlefield where time has stopped.

Days earlier, the creators of the series-prequel “The Witcher” published a scene in which a clash takes place between the trio of the show’s main characters, played by Michelle Yeo (“Everything Everywhere and at Once”), Sophia Brown (“The Clan”) and Lawrence OFuaaran.

The prequel series will take place 1,200 years before the events of the main show, touching on the creation of the first witch and the cataclysm that brought the worlds of monsters, humans and elves together.

The plot centers on the last surviving member of the nomadic sword-wielding elf tribe of Shayan (Michelle Yeo), who is on a mission to find a blade stolen from her people. The film also stars the royal guard warrior Eile (Sofia Brown) and a warrior named Fyaall (Lawrence O’Fuairein)

All four episodes of the miniseries “The Witcher: Origin of Blood” will be released tomorrow, December 25, in the online cinema Netflix.

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