Star Wars: The Old Republic will be moving to a 64-bit architecture.

On December 20, the still-living Star Wars: The Old Republic turned 11 years old and on this occasion BioWare told about the behind-the-scenes changes that are being prepared in future MMORPG updates.

The game’s developers have stated that they will be moving SWTOR to a 64-bit architecture. This will allow the game to use up to 4GB of RAM, and BioWare will be able to create more detailed and object-rich zones. It will also accelerate the process of creating new content for the “years ahead”.

A public test server with 64-bit architecture is already available to players.

BioWare also said that in the future, they will move Star Wars: The Old Republic to the cloud service Amazon Web Services. The migration testing is already underway. Moving SWTOR servers to the cloud will improve the user experience and increase the audience for the game.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is available on PC. The game is free-to-play, but with restrictions that are waived when you purchase a subscription.

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