The Game Awards ceremony was held in New York on Sunday.

The Game Awards ceremony is over, and the intriguing details surrounding it continue to emerge. For example, Polygon spoke to the same kid who said some bullshit about Bill Clinton into the microphone.

Remember, when Elden Ring took home the Game of the Year award, the FromSoftware team took the stage. Along with the developers, a young outsider stood in front of the audience, who took the opportunity to say “I want to dedicate this award to my Reformed Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton”.

As Polygon later learned, the missing person was 15-year-old Matan Even. She notes that during the conversation, the boy “was not out of character” and hardly answered questions. She also noted that in old YouTube videos, Evan spoke without the accent he had during his TGA “speech”.

Jason Schreier also failed to converse with the boy for the same reasons: “Some people thought he was anti-Semitic, but I’m pretty sure he’s a Jewish prankster. I asked him a question in Hebrew, and he understood it, although he pretended not to.

In his interview with Polygon, Evan insisted that he had come onstage with the sole purpose of promoting the former president of the United States. He’s a big Clinton fan and he’s only going to vote for him in the election.

Some people have suggested that Evan sympathizes with Kanye West’s anti-Semitic views, as the young man came on stage wearing Adidas Yeezy sneakers. However, the teenager did not consider his statement to be anti-Semitic or associated with far-right ideas. Even the rapper’s political views were called “not good”.

The kid has no regrets about what he did and hopes that more people will Google Bill Clinton’s name after this.

TGA host and organizer Geoff Keighley promised that the show would be noticeably shorter in 2022. However, it may seem that not everyone has been warned.

Christopher Judge received a statuette in the Best Performance by an Actor category for his role as Kratos in God of War: Ragnarök. His acceptance speech lasted an unbelievable eight minutes. As it turned out, the artist hadn’t finished yet!

One of the spectators of the ceremony posted a screenshot, through which the organizers asked Judge to finish his speech quickly. But he seemed to ignore it and just kept talking. Later, background music was played, which was gradually made louder. The trick didn’t work either.

In the end, the actor who played Kratos left the stage only when he thought it was appropriate. After the ceremony, Judge tweeted that he didn’t get to thank everyone he wanted to.

During the broadcast of The Game Awards, Valve gave a Steam Deck to a casual viewer of the ceremony once a minute. The first recipient of the prize device was a man nicknamed Milf Hunter (or Mom Hunter). The lucky man’s nickname was released to all viewers of the show on Steam.

Milf Hunter has become the top trending topic on Twitter in the United States. Most of the audience thought the warning was funny. Some people had banners hanging, so the message of the Milf Hunter victory stayed on the screen for quite a while. Soon, messages with the “Hunter” congratulations started to appear on social networks.

Milf Hunter shared that Valve has delivered on its promise. The company sent him an email with a link so he could get his Steam Deck.

Which trailers from the show attracted the most attention during the ceremony? Benji-Sales account provided the statistics, adding the views of all the trailers of the game (except for videos with reactions or analysis), which gained thirty thousand views.

The top looks like this:.

Elden Ring won the “Game of the Year” and three other statuettes. Only God of War: Ragnarök has more than that – the adventures of Kratos and Atreya have six.

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