Mark Wahlberg is well known to gamers for several video game film adaptations.

Popular Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg, who is well known to gamers for several video game film adaptations (Max Payne and Uncharted: The World Is Not Enough), showed his current form. He’s 51 now.

As you can see, despite his age, Mark Wahlberg is in great shape and still has great muscle.

In the description, the actor noted that no one was hurt in the making of this video.

Here’s how social media users reacted to the display of his body:.

A beautiful body at this age, and you look much better with short hair , abhishekx991.

You’re the perfect example of proper nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and a commitment to fitness. You were a handsome young man, and muscle memory is a great thing. It’s not just any anabolic, you don’t need it to be healthy and fit.

Looks like he’s on the same diet as the Rock.

How much protein does he eat? the_mummy_of_the_kavirs_gods.

Don’t miss the foot day.

Let’s just say, earlier today, Mark Wahlberg surprised fans by showing up with a bellybutton and a different haircut. Turns out, this image was made specifically for the movie “Father Stu” that came out this year.

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