“The Chosen of Winter” is a temporary event for New Year and Christmas.

Riot Games has released a trailer for the new League of Legends temporary event, “The Chosen of Winter”. It’s for New Year and Christmas. Six heroes will receive unique skins, and there will be unique rewards: icons, emotions and more.

Diana will take on a legendary appearance, and the game will also feature cute winter Varvik, winter Shaco, Swain, Zilean and Zoey. A combat pass is also available.

ARAM will also host the first Clash on December 10-11.

It was announced that on December 12, PC Game Pass subscribers will have access to the full line of League of Legends characters. Also, if you sync your accounts before January 1st, you’ll get a unique reward: a safe and a key.

Additional bonus: a 20% boost to experience and instant access to all legends that come out with a Game Pass subscription.

League of Legends is available on PC.

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