The Witcher has been a hit on Netflix.

The witcher has certainly been a hit on Netflix over the years. The series, based on the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, consists of two seasons, while the third and fourth are in development, and the most recent prequel, The witcher: Origin, was released.

However, with the big changes and admittedly confusing timeline in the first season, fans often wondered if showrunner Lauren Schmidt had a plan for the finale.

Collider recently spoke to the show’s creator about how the show will end and where the expanded universe might lead. Schmidt noted that the team already has an understanding of how the story will end:.

And the executives at Netflix and I have made it our goal to always have an endpoint in mind, because to me, when you start just writing stories without knowing where they’re going, you can get lost. Yeah, I know exactly how the show ends.

Schmidt further explained that The Lady of the Lake, Sapkowski’s fifth novel in the Witcher saga, would be the last book adapted into the main series.

The witcher season three is expected to premiere in summer 2023 on Netflix. As for the prequel, it’s already out and getting negative reviews.

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