Jamie Reyes is the third incarnation of the superhero Blue Beetle.

Jamie Reyes is coming to the big screen. The Blue Beetle will be released in the summer of 2023 and will be the first comic book about a Latin American superhero.

The main role is played by Holo Maridueño (Cobra Kai). The film also stars Bruno Marquezine, George Lopez, Susan Sarandon and Raul Trujillo. Angel Manuel Soto (The Kings of Charm City) was appointed director of The Blue Beetle.

Reyes is the third incarnation of the superhero Blue Beetle. Previously, Fox Comics and Charlton Comics owned the character, and the mantle was worn by Dan Garrett and Ted Cord. Fox Comics first handed over Bug to Charlton. Then, in the 1980s, DC Comics acquired the Charlton franchises. It is unclear whether the film comic will reference any other versions of the character.

In the comics, Reyes is a teenager who finds a blue scarab bug that has given his past versions power. Scarab is a device with alien technology and artificial intelligence created by the alien species Reach. In the DC cinematic universe, we can gather quite a bit of information about the character. Once in Reyes’ possession, the Scarab comes to life and attaches itself to Reyes’ spine. It’s the source of Reyes’ power, which allows him to become the Blue Beetle.

What are Reyes’ powers?

The Scarab attaches itself to Reyes’ spine and can exert various forces of its own. When he’s in danger, the Scarab automatically activates and surrounds him with high-tech armor. This suit turns blindingly blue when activated. Reyes can indeed communicate with Scarab’s AI, though he often disagrees with its methods. Eventually, the two become friends, and Reyes gains some control over his powers.

When used, the suit gives Reyes superhuman strength and the ability to fly. He can also translate for Reyes both human and alien languages. The suit’s strength is so high that it is bulletproof and allows Reyes to survive a tornado, a rocket explosion and to reach Earth orbit. The suit can also produce energy blasts from the hands powerful enough to release kryptonite radiation and neutralize magic.

The Blue Beetle can transform itself into a sword, shield, cannon, hook and stapler. Sensors can also scan for people or even serve as lie detectors. The suit also has a technological interface that can manipulate other alien technologies. The Blue Beetle is available to pre-order now.

The Blue Beetle ‘s Sleeping and Hidden Powers.

Reyes has the power of specialized vision. He can sense extraterrestrial objects regardless of whether the Scarab is active or not. However, it’s the only power Reyes retains without the suit. Other than that, Reyes doesn’t have any superpowers. Click here for more information on The Scarab.

The Blue Beetle contains weapons of mass destruction. This weapon could potentially be powerful enough to destroy Spectre. Reyes refuses to use deadly force against any enemy, which explains why he hasn’t used such a weapon yet. However, there may still be a few hidden ones that could manifest as secret weapons. However, the potential that this weapon actually exists means that the Blue Beetle could be one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe.

The Blue Beetle will be released in theaters on August 18, 2023.

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