Ixion is a city-building strategy game set in the future.

Kasedo Games has released a trailer for the unusual city-building strategy Ixion, which shows the gameplay of the title and the plot of the plot.

Players will travel to different sectors of space on a large space station that needs to be developed and monitored.

Ixion is set in the future. Earth is no longer fit for human life, so some of the survivors are sent into space on a large flying station built by a corporation.

They must find a new place for humanity to evolve, but along the way players will encounter rebellions, evolve the station by opening six different sectors, meet other survivors, test star systems, and more.

Players praise Ixion and note that it is a rather rare case when a game is released without early access. The strategy has 83% positive reviews on Steam.

Ixion is available on PC.

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