Joseph Kosinski gave an extensive interview to Collider magazine.

Joseph Kosinski gave an extensive interview to Collider magazine. In it, the director of the blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick” shared some interesting stories about the making of the film. For example, some of the scenes with the Darkstar hypersonic plane at the beginning of the film were shot in some top-secret location:.

We had to fight for that hangar you see in the Darkstar segment. I went to China Lake, it’s a naval base in the desert. And they said, “You can shoot if you don’t point the camera there”. I looked where they were pointing, and there was a very interesting hangar. I said, “What’s that?”. And they said, “Oh, don’t even think about it. You’ll never get to shoot there. Don’t take a picture of that. Don’t even look that way”. I said, “Can we just drive past if I don’t take pictures?”. And they said, “Okay, okay. We can drive by, but you can’t take pictures”.

“We have a secret plane scene that they’re testing at night, and I think this is the perfect place for it”, says director. “I mean, it looks like a top-secret hangar inside aTop-secret base”, he adds. “Well, it’s not surprising that you’re interested in this particular building” “We ended up filming in a top-secret hangar, and we actually built a mock-up of Darkstar and put it in this hangar” “I was like, “It would be great to shoot there. I’m sorry that it won’t work out” “We’ll get the hangar out in advance so you can have the building”

“I was later told that when we were pulling up Darkstar for filming, some satellites belonging to other countries were taking pictures of it from space” “I suppose if they could zoom in on it, they’d see Tom Cruise in the cockpit. That’s really cool”

Perhaps the governments of these very “other countries” should say “thank you” to Joseph for just leaking the location of a top-secret U.S. Army military hangar to anyone who wants to know.

Top Gun: Maverick opened on May 27 and has grossed over $1.48 billion.

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