The $3 Game Pass, which includes ads, could be coming to Xbox and PC.

The $3 Game Pass, which includes ads, could be coming to Xbox and PC. Journalist Jez Corden came to this conclusion based on a similar recent patent from Microsoft and a survey sent to some players.

A screenshot of the survey was posted on Windows Central, which said that the catalog would include older Xbox games, such as EA Access, and new ones would be added six months after release. And there will be some publicity before these projects are launched.

The subscription will also include online access, as Corden noted, and users can now play multiplayer using Xbox Live Gold for $10.

The author believes that Xbox is not profitable to introduce a three-dollar subscription with access to multiplayer, because then the audience of Xbox Live Gold will be greatly reduced, and it is unlikely that the company will be able to make up the difference with a cheaper subscription with advertising.

The Greens are exploring the possibility of monetizing games further through advertising. The corporation recently filed a patent for a technology that includes targeted videos at times of “low interactivity” – such as during downloads. However, the editor emphasizes that not all patents and surveys indicate that their content will be implemented.

Meanwhile, Sony is actively exploring blockchain and NFT technologies, and the company’s latest patent describes a system that tracks the lifecycle of digital assets.

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