Brown Dust 2 is a mobile jRPG with anime graphics.

Brown Dust 2 is a mobile jRPG with anime graphics. Players will assemble a group of rare characters, explore corridor locations of the fantasy world, including dungeons, and engage in stepped battles. The designers at Neowiz have been working on the visuals and special effects.

From January 10 to 17, Brown Dust 2 will be beta tested. Only Android gamers can participate in it. Note that their progress will be reset after the servers are shut down; also developers warn about poor optimization on specific devices.

The big news for Brown Dust 2 testers is they can get a $25 gift card from the App Store or Google Play. Note that this will require you to participate in a survey after the beta test is over, and these cards work exclusively in the US, and there will be 20 winners in total.

Note that the early version of Brown Dust 2 will be available for free download via Google Play. No specific regions are specified, but links to the social networks of the developers can be found on the official website.

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