The Infodent dental CRM helps to automate the business processes of the clinics.

The Infodent dental CRM helps to automate the business processes of the clinics. CRM for dentistry allows you to create document management systems, organize the work process of dentists and communicate with patients.

Interaction with clients.
The company has an online chat widget on its website. When a customer sends a message, they are automatically asked to fill in their contact information. During the interview, you need to make a note in the system describing the patient’s treatment background. After that, the doctor responsible for the task is appointed. The patient is reminded of the appointment by SMS and email.

The program allows you to keep a database of customers, enter their data and issue them an invoice. A specialist in a clinic can record all visits and draw up a treatment plan. The system stores the history of the interaction between the client and the dentist.

Dental CRM tools are responsible for automating the sales of services. They send patients emails, voice and text messages with information about upcoming visits, interesting offers, reminders of unfinished treatments, etc.

Organization of the structure of the dental clinic.
Smart Delta Systems CRM system is easy to use and scale. Full suite of client management tools, as well as access to a salary module and work schedule. It shows the schedule of each doctor, so it’s easy to track his downloads and make appointments for patients.

Administrators can quickly navigate dental records, record patients and make work schedules. For business owners, dental records management systems help ensure data integrity and the efficiency of a medical facility. The program helps to bring all employees together. We have chats, groups, work reports, a calendar for everyone to access.

The Infodent CRM will include the following tools:.
• recording of patients ‘ requests through all communication channels;.
• chat rooms, telephone and mail;.
• alerts and tips;.
• setting objectives and monitoring their implementation;.
• automation of typical business processes;.
• tracking of applications and payments;.
• analytical reports on sales funnels and employees;.
• and many other things.

Depending on the required functions, additional modules and components can be selected.