The shape and capabilities of the cutter remained the same, but the weapon model was completely redesigned from scratch.

IGN has released a new video for the Dead Space remake. In a recent video, the developers revealed a redesIGN of the iconic plasma cutter.

The shape and capabilities of the cutter remained the same, but the weapon model itself was completely redesigned from scratch. The authors noted that it was important to keep the weapons as they were remembered in the original game. We also redesigned the weapon upgrades. Now it’s not just performance enhancements, it’s physical upgrades in the form of attached parts. In addition, the developers carried over the concept of special enhancements from Dead Space 2 into the remake, which added special capabilities to the weapon. In the case of the plasma cutter, players could add incendiary charges. You can do the same thing in the new game.

The rest of the arsenal has undergone more significant rework. For example, in the case of the impulse-propelled gun and the power gun, the alternative firing modes were completely changed. Now, when you switch to the second mode of fire, the pulse rifle turns into a grenade launcher, like in Dead Space 2. It’ll add more variety to kill enemies.

The redesign of the weapon allowed the authors to preserve all the beloved specimens of the arsenal, but at the same time make them more useful and inventive.

The updated DEAd Space is set to be relEAsed on January 27. EA also recently expanded the pre-order bonus for the PC version to include the full version of the original DEAd Space 2 if you purchase the game on StEAm before relEAse.

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