Dwarven Realms is an early access RPG with an open world and sandbox elements.

There are many new free games on Steam. As usual, we’ve only selected interesting projects, some of which have received high ratings.

Dwarven Realms (88% rating) an early access RPG with an open world and sandbox elements. The plot tells of the confrontation between a man and an evil lord who destroyed the entire Dwarf race 4,000 years ago. The current version includes the first continent with all the main mechanics. In the future, the game will add a skill system, a faction system,. a quest system and multiplayer. A page on Steam.

Outpath: First Journey (94% rating) an early version of the sandbox with construction elements and graphics in the spirit of Minecraft. In it, players will collect resources, craft, build bases, buy islands, and pump levels to discover new blueprints. This version has two biomes available. A page on Steam.

PEP is an online shooter set in a zombie-filled coastal town in the United States. The game features single player, cooperative, and PvEvP modes for up to 8 players. A page on Steam.

The Pentest is a first-person puzzle game in which players are tasked with keeping the Achero 410 space station safe. The players will use their equipment and skills to detect and fix any flaws in the security system. A page on Steam.

Rage Night Fighting, where players will compete in an intergalactic tournament featuring the best fighters from across the galaxy. There are single and multiplayer modes, the ability to customize character appearance and crossplay with Android and iOS. A page on Steam.

I Frog-ot (100% rating) Horror where you have to help a frog get back to its owner. It takes 30 minutes to an hour to play through. A page on Steam.

Duelyst 2 (88% rating) is a competitive strategy game where players collect a collection of animated pixel cards and go into battle, with the main objective of destroying the enemy general. A page on Steam.

Dolly Wars Auto Tactics is a strategy game with automatic combat. The battles are fought by soft creatures made entirely of jelly. There are three modes campaign, sandbox and multiplayer. A page on Steam.

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