H Hogwarts Legacy is a new action RPG in the Harry Potter universe.

H Hogwarts Legacy is a new action RPG in the Harry Potter universe. It will be released on February 10, 2023 (at least on PC and next-generation consoles) Based on the information from the first and second issues, we will briefly examine what has been learned about the game process.

The most important feature of Hogwarts Legacy is the open world, which allows you to explore not only the halls of the world-famous school of witchcraft and wizardry, but also the surrounding area. A little more about him:.

Users will be able to explore the fascinating surroundings of the wizarding world in three ways:.

As you develop a relationship with a particular NPC, you can improve brooms, customize them to your liking, and even acquire new variants. For pre-orders, you’ll automatically receive the Onyx Hippogriff, and for the deluxe edition, a separate Dark Arts bundle from Festral. Both can move on land and in the air.

I love how in open-world games, you can completely forget about the plot and spend dozens of hours exploring the surrounding locations. So it’s becoming clear that developers have decided to build the world on a standard attractive scheme, making it open and accessible. You can do various side activities, finding secrets and solving puzzles.

At least based on the recent video, the downsides of the world at the moment I would attribute to the presence of a pop-up effect, which is affected by the total range of drawing of game objects and the staticity of trees, which are not affected by the wind.

Since the first demo of the gameplay in mid-March of this year, the Hogwarts Legacy combat system has caused mixed feelings, for example, it seemed slow to me. But in practice, it’s much better, because it’s mostly built around the standard mechanics that many people know:.

According to the developers, the spell arsenal has over 20 variants, and in a recent video, at one point, there were 26 variants. Among them, besides the attack, control spells, there are 3 unforgivable ones:.

It’s important to note that again based on the developers’ comments, Avada Kedavra, as the lord of the GP universe requires, will always kill the target. Although I’m curious to see how the boss battles against strong opponents will play out, unless the spell becomes available at the end of the game.

In combat, spells are cast through a four-cell rhombus system, where you place your chosen spell from the common pool. Initially, only 1 rhombi is available, and therefore 4 spells can be used simultaneously, but 3 more are unlocked as the game progresses. So something tells me that as the number of rhombuses increases, the battle will become easier.

In addition to casting spells, the main character is also able to use ancient magic to perform special tricks. They only become available after you’ve accumulated enough blue energy. It is filled during combat (the larger the combo counter, the faster) and when absorbing clumps of blue energy (sometimes occurring near a killed opponent).

You can test your spell-casting skills in the open world, but it’s best to do it in a special battle arena:.

As you explore the world and destroy enemies, you will receive various gear (divided by grid), allowing you to empower the character in a certain way. Subsequently, with the help of personal room machines, the equipment itself can be strengthened in the following way:.

In addition, the game has a transmogrification system that allows you to change the appearance of the items worn by the character at any time through the interface of the equipment.

And in the conclusion of the article, a little new information about the player’s personal room and vivarium (a separate piece of land in a closed space):.

The last two demo’s of the game process have finally convinced me to pre-order the deluxe edition. Hogwarts Legacy looks like a pretty good game, combining aspects of open world exploration, an uncluttered combat system, character development elements expressed in equipment and passive skill trees.

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