Sony has all the necessary technology to produce humanoid robots.

There are only a few companies in the world that have this kind of technology.

Sony is ready to rapidly produce humanoid robots, its chief technology officer Hiroaki Kitano told Reuters. According to the top manager, the company already has all the necessary technology.

Such a technology set, notes Kitano, is only available to a few companies worldwide. But Sony doesn’t know yet what they’re going to use these robots for.

Hiroaki Kita, technical director of Sony.

As for technology, a few companies in the world, including ours, have accumulated enough technology to rapidly produce [human-like robots] once it becomes clear what the most promising applications are. The application is the most important.

Sony, as the name suggests, has been manufacturing and selling a variety of robots since the late 1990s. Tesla is doing some robotics research now, but it’s clearly a long way from mass production.

Musk believes his robots can be used in manufacturing and hazardous areas. Sony has not commented on the possible uses of humanoid robots.

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