Kojima Productions is working with Microsoft on an upcoming Xbox game.

Hideo Kojima in a new interview with IGN explained how his studio came to collaborate with Microsoft on an upcoming Xbox game using the US company’s cloud technology. The game designer also told us once again that it’s going to be an unusual title.

The head of Kojima Productions announced the development of the game for Xbox in June. During the announcement, the game designer described the project as something completely new, something he had never seen or done before, and later added that if he succeeded, the title would change the gaming and movie industry.

In a recent conversation with IGN, Kojima said that he had pitched the project to a number of potential partners, but Microsoft was the only one who really understood the concept, while the others thought it was “crazy”.

Judging by footage leaked last month, Kojima’s unannounced Xbox project could be a horror game.

Last week, the game designer also Shared a brief update on Kojima Productions’ current projects, saying that next year he hopes to provide more information about the studio’s brand new game and some visual projects.

Kojima Productions is also currently developing Death Stranding 2 and is involved in developing a film based on the franchise.

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