No Man’s Sky for PS VR2 will arrive in February 2022.

Hello Games has confirmed that the PlayStation VR2 version of No Man’s Sky will be released on the same day as the headset launch.

Earlier this year, Hello Games announced that it was working on a PlayStation VR2 version of the game. The description under the trailer for No Man’s Sky for PS VR2 on the PlayStation Store was recently updated, and it said that the free update will arrive in February 2022.

The PlayStation VR2 update for No Man’s Sky will be free for all players who have already purchased the original game.

Although the launch games for the headset have not yet been officially confirmed, Sony has announced 11 new games that will appear on the headset in 2023, some of which will be available on the first day.

Of the 11 games announced, only The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR and Crossfire: Sierra Squad will be exclusive to the PS VR2. The other nine are already available in other formats (or coming out).

The game’s teaser trailer:.

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