Choo-Choo Charles is an open world horror game where players take on the missions of the islanders.

Choo-Choo Charles is an open world horror game. Players take on the missions of the islanders and improve their train to ultimately battle the creepy monster. In this guide, we have prepared a detailed walkthrough of the game. You’ll learn how to get all the weapons, how to upgrade your transportation quickly and how to kill the bandits.

To beat Charles, you’ll have to pump your own transport. This is done with a variety of scrap metal that you can find almost anywhere. Here are some suggestions:.

There are only three types of NPCs in the game:.

You’ll meet three of these heroes. To get each of the guns, you’ll have to complete a small task. Below, we’ll explain how to complete all the missions and get the weapons you can.

How to get a flamethrower.

This is the first character you can meet since the game started. It’s right next to the character in the story who’s going to give you the key to the first mine.

When you arrive, you’ll find his hangar engulfed in flames. Talk to the man, then go up the stairs to the cistern and interact with the fan. The fire goes out, you get the guns.

How to get a rocket ship.

Head northeast. Across the street from the building with the next NPC, you’ll find the gunsmith. He’ll ask for ammunition for his invention.

There’s a mark on the map. We don’t recommend following on foot. In a few tens of meters, a monster will appear and kill the main character. Instead, take the train and go a little further. Stop at the quarry gate.

Go inside and check the drawer by the light. There’s an explosive in here. Take it and attach it to the door leading to the mine. Get away from there.

Inside, interact with the wooden beam that holds the carriage, and run to the exit. The explosion will be strong. Get the rockets.

How to get a heavy machine gun.

Near the penultimate character in the story, you’ll find Gertrude. A woman will mark your map as a den of bandits who stole parts for a heavy machine gun.

Go to the marked area and prepare to kill three of the enemy. It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to hide on the train the opponents will break the car. Change weapons and deal with the enemy as quickly as possible.

Take the stairs to the nearest building on the left and look at the structure on the hill. Inside the building, there’s a key on the table. Take him away.

Go down and run to the far side of the two-story building. There’s gun parts on the first floor.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter regular NPCs they are marked in yellow. Some of them, when they interact, they can give you a little bit of junk for free, and some of them will offer you a simple assignment. Below we will describe all available characters and tasks that must be completed to receive the reward.

Candace , please .

Candice is the first girl you’ll meet if you follow the plot. You’ll get a key to her attic if you talk to her. Run upstairs and collect nine pieces of junk.

I ‘m not sure .

You can find an elderly lady near the previous tenant. Run to the character marked on the map and talk to her. She’ll ask to go to an island in the middle of a lake and find a piece of meat. There’s only one condition: There’s a swamp monster in the water. If it comes close, just stop and wait for it to disappear again.

Daryl, what’s going on? How to get the locks.

Get to that character to get the locks. He’ll ask to open a crate in the dump. The whole process of opening up is a mini-game. You need to press the action button when the white dot passes over the same figure. Give the man the contents of the chest and take the reward.

I ‘m going to Santiago .

This man is standing on the dock on the east side of the island. Talk to him about taking the job.

His house is not far. You have to go straight ahead and turn left at the first fork. Search the building to find the book and return it to its owner.

I ‘m not .

This young man is on the second floor of the station building, which is near the pier where you might have met Santiago. He’ll ask to find a blue box in the canyon.

The situation is complicated by the presence of a bandit in the area. If you get caught, you’ll have to run for a long time to get to the train. Sneak past and inspect the yellow car with the item you need.

I ‘m not going to lie to you .

There’s a man’s cabin on the south trail. If you talk to him, he’ll give you the key to the barn, which has nine pieces of junk and a note.

The cucumber lady .

Follow Tony’s lead and find that woman. She’ll ask for a jar of cucumbers from the nearest mine. To do that, you’ll have to use the lock and open the trunk. No bandits or monsters on your way. You can find a jar of purple paint here.

I ‘m not .

A woman sits in the lighthouse. Talk to her and take the assignment. Leave the beacon and check out the barn nearby. Take four cutters.

Go back to the lighthouse and look for the fuse box on the nearest wall. Insert the shutters and activate them in the same sequence as in the screenshot below.

Sasha , please .

If you’re following the lighthouse, you’ll have to go back a little bit and turn the arrow to the left.

A woman asks you to collect eight strange drawings on lampposts. When you get to the marker, there’s a man who looks like a ghost. He’ll chase the hero until he leaves the field of stones. If he can catch up with you, the character will be transported to the nearest rock.

As we’ve already noted, the drawings are only pasted on the lampposts.

I ‘m not .

Go to the quarry. Inside, you’ll find a guy who’s asking you to do some parkour, which is to climb to the top of one of the towers and look for the documents.

The way up is quite simple, though not obvious. First, enter the building on your left and jump on the next tower’s spire.

Go inside and walk in front. On the first floor, you can find a jar of lime paint.

On the balcony, you’ll see boxes. You can climb on them. Run and jump on the next building.

Behind the door, you’ll see some broken wood. Jump to the other side, go upstairs and get the documents.

I’m not sure. How to Find the First Egg.

Talk to the first character. The girl will give you the key to the mine and tell you about the three eggs you must collect to lure Charles out of the woods. The mine is nearby.

Go into the shaft and turn right at the first fork. There’ll be a chest at the end of the tunnel. It’s painted green.

Go back and run for the dead end. There’s a bandit on patrol here. You can either jump in, grab the egg and run, or you can lure it out and shoot it with a machine gun.

Greg, please. How to Find a Second Egg.

Follow the marker on the map and take the key from this character. He’ll also mark the entrance to the mine where the second egg is located.

Before you proceed, we recommend that you complete all unfinished business. When you’re ready, head to the designated area and take a look. There’s one bandit outside, and there’s two more in the mine.

The first one you can kill right away, and the others you can do whatever you want. If you kill the first bandit in the mine, you can open the chest with a lock and get the blue paint.

Once you get to the grille and open it, take the egg. The grid will close behind you. You’ll have to run forward and down the bridge. There will be an enemy here, too. Do it fast and get out of here.

Gail, what are you doing? How to Find the Third Egg.

The guy is standing in a house near Gertrude, the last gunsmith you could find in this game.

Talk to him to get the key to the third shaft. Park your vehicle nearby and head for the hill. Inside are two rooms, each with a bandit. We don’t want to disturb them. Just go by and get in the elevator.

There’s an enemy down there, too. It’s not easy to hide from him. There’s nowhere to hide in the tunnels. Take the egg and head for the second elevator. The first one will go straight up as soon as you get off. If you can still get through unnoticed, open the trunk next to the elevator. Inside the paint can.

The second elevator will take the hero outside to the two enemies. Run for the train from all sides, preferably near the railroad tracks. It’s less likely to attract Charles.

The floor.

Follow the mine and talk to Paul. He will give the hero eight remote charges, which must be placed on the nearest bridge. It’s not that big a deal.

If you’ve already got three eggs, go back to Paul and get the key to the temple. Reach the marker and proceed without hesitation up the stone steps to the entrance. Ignore the enemies, because once you open the door, the cat scene will go off.

First, make sure your steam engine is fully inflated. All you have to do is complete all the available side quests on the island. Find at least two extra guns. Preferably a rocket launcher and a heavy machine gun. The last one is not easy to get, but this weapon will be very useful in the final battle.

Gather about 30 pieces of junk that you’ll need to fix the train during the battle.

Fire the missile, then switch to any other weapon. Keep firing until the barrel overheats, then change the weapon again. If necessary, repair the locomotive with scrap. Keep attacking the boss and change weapons in time for the final cut.

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