Sonority will be released on Nintendo Switch on December 21, 2022.

Publisher Application Systems Heidelberg and developer Hanging Gardens Interactive announced and released the music adventure puzzle game Sonority on Nintendo Switch on December 21, 2022. A trailer was released in this regard. The game was released on PC (Steam) in May and has positive reviews (85%).

The game is called:.

In Sonority, players explore a lost world where music is magic, and they must navigate through the plot, solving puzzles by correctly placing notes, solving them acoustically, or using symbols. No special music education is required.

The player assumes the role of young Esther, who goes on a journey to help a friend. Armed with her flute, she reaches the mysterious rock. But soon her path is blocked, and she must use the power of music to overcome the obstacles.

In a world plunged into silence, Esther rediscovers lost songs and art. She’s helped by singing stones and a talking raccoon.

Key features:.

  • Interesting new puzzle mechanics based on melodies (simple sequences of notes evolve into small melodies and then into complex musical pieces).
  • A touching story about Esther, the old, freakish raccoon and his friends.
  • A lovingly designed, holistic 3D game world with diverse locations.
  • An atmospheric soundtrack with English and German versions of the original songs.

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