GTA Online features events dedicated to the holiday season.

GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of the GTA V action game from Rockstar Games, features events dedicated to the holiday season.

Find a snowman on the streets of San Andreas, and you’ll be rewarded with 125,000 GTA bucks and a snowman costume. And if you can track down Hrench, the vile opportunist who roams the streets of the city trying to rob the citizens, you can get his mask.

There’s a periodic firefight between the robbers and a police helicopter on the roof of the Weazel Plaza skyscraper. If you help the Comps, you’ll be rewarded with a new weapon, as well as a paint job for the Mk II pistol.

And for your entry into GTA Online, Santa will give you a caramel stick. Read about all the events and bonuses in this material.

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